We are looking for permanent farm placements for desexed semi-tame/untame cats that cannot be returned to their territory. Manawatu Alley Cat Trust is working hard to stop the number of UNWANTED, UNDESEXED stray cats being dumped into the countryside. The more stray/homeless cats that are picked up, desexed and found homes for, the fewer undesexed feral cats there will be running amok and producing more feral litters to over populate the environment in urban and rural areas.

Benefits of having a cat on the farm:

  • They make good ratters and micers, to help keep rodent populations under control.
  • They will keep feral undesexed cats out of the territory, so no continual breeding and unwanted kittens.

Basic requirements of a farm placement:

The adoptive farmers would need to:

  • Like/love cats.
  • Provide adequate shelter for the cat(s), such as a warm barn to sleep in.
  • Provide good quality food on a daily basis.  Feeding…at least every second day during Summer and on a daily basis in the harsher Winter months.
  • Provide ongoing monitoring for injury or disease and provide adequate vet care as necessary.
  • Provide lots of pats if the cat(s) want them lol!!

There is an $80 fee to adopt a desexed cat.