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Tid Bits for the Health & Wellbeing of your feline friends …

Manawatu Alley Cat Trust likes to give rescued kittens the best start possible..

We take a more holistic view in building strong healthy kittens. ‘ We Are What WE Eat’  is never a truer saying, and based on factual and strong anecdotal evidence, we give these guys a healthy, varied diet which includes regular feeds of raw meats.

As obligate carnivores that would generally derive their entire nutrition from the consumption of other prey, this is is natural to them and necessary to build strong robust animals.

We believe that the constant grazing that is the norm these days of convenience dry foods can be detrimental to their long term health & well being.

Catinfo.org states in their website www.catinfo.org, “In their natural setting, cats—whose unique biology makes them true carnivores–would not consume the high level of carbohydrates (grains, potatoes, peas, etc.) that are in the dry foods (and some canned foods) that we routinely feed them…..In the wild, your cat would be eating a high protein, high-moisture, meat/organ-based diet, with a moderate level of fat and with only  approximately 1-2 percent of her diet consisting of carbohydrates. The average dry food contains 35-50 percent carbohydrate calories.  Some of the cheaper dry foods contain even higher levels.”….”This is NOT the diet that Mother Nature intended for your cat to eat”.

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