We do not support a bylaw, currently being proposed, requiring compulsory microchipping of cats in Palmerston North for the following reasons:

1)  It is too expensive to microchip all the TNR’d cats in Palmy…this means under the proposed bylaw, if these cats are trapped, they may be euthanised by the Council or SPCA even though they have been desexed and are being fed and monitored. We think donations are best spent on desexing and caring for as many of these cats as possible, and encouraging, caring, responsible ownership, rather than spending it on microchipping.
***We do support pet owners choosing to get their cats microchipped, to increase their chances of their cat being returned when lost.

2)  Microchips are not fail safe…sometimes they move under the skin, they are not easy to pick up when scanning a stressed cat in a cage, and scanners don’t read all brands of microchip.


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