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As a humane solution to the ever growing stray cat problem, Manawatu Alley Cat Trust aims to stop the continual breeding and suffering amongst urban populations of both abandoned cats and unsocialised offspring born on our streets/alleyways/parks.

Manawatu Alley Cat Trust relies on the kind donations of concerned and generous people to allow us to carry out this work.

Manawatu Alley Cat Trust is a small, non-profit organisation that cares for stray and feral cats in the streets, alleyways and parks of Palmerston North city, whilst actively working to humanely reduce their exploding population.

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Authentic Tradition

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Alley Cats Trust

Specifically, Manawatu Alley Cat Trust:

  • Traps stray and homeless cats for desexing/vet check, and if a home can’t be found, they are returned to their territory, where they are supported by people who feed and care for them. This method is known as trap-neuter-return (TNR).
  • Rescues and finds good responsible homes for the kittens of stray mums. We are not an animal shelter for cats. Instead, we rely on committed volunteers that foster and socialise the kittens (and cats) to be rehomed.
  • Humanely euthanises sick, old and injured cats that are under our care.
  • Educates the public about the proliferation problem and how to help.