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At Manawatu Alley Cat Trust, we prioritise the humane practice of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) as our approach to managing stray cat colonies in urban environments. However, it’s essential to note that we do not take in unsocialised cats over 12 weeks old for rehoming.
These cats, unfamiliar with human contact, have a minimal chance of socialising, and attempting to tame them by confining them in a crate can lead to extreme stress, raising concerns for their welfare.
For cats beyond the critical socialisation window, our preferred course of action is Trap- Neuter-Return. This involves trapping the cat, ensuring it is neutered, microchipped, and given flea/worm treatments, along with a comprehensive health check. Any other injuries
needing attention will also be addressed at this point in time. This method, endorsed by the Draft New Zealand National Cat Management Strategy, not only respects the natural instincts of these cats but also addresses issues within communities, such as growing cat populations and associated concerns. We believe in a compassionate and effective approach to stray cat management, promoting the well-being of both the cats and the communities they inhabit. You must be willing to continue to feed and care for the cat upon its return.

At Manawatu Alley Cat Trust, we strive to make informed, humane choices that align with the best interests of our feline friends. If you are seeking assistance through TNR, please refer to our trap loans page before reaching out. Together, we can contribute to the well- being of our community and its feline inhabitants.

NOTE: If stray or homeless cats are being fed by you or someone else, it is important they are at least desexed. Manawatu Alley Cat Trust will help to trap/catch these cats for desexing and any other veterinary attention. PLEASE GET IN TOUCH…

DID YOU KNOW? A high percentage of kittens born wild are malnourished and die of starvation within the first year of life.

NOTE: The local SPCA does not usually attend to nor take in feral/unsocialised cats unless they are very sick or injured and can be captured by a member of the public. However please check out the SPCA’s website for good advice on the steps to follow if you have lost or found a cat.