Stray kittens (and occasionally cats) are rescued, cared for, socialised, and rehomed to responsible people.

Some of these kittens come from bedraggled beginnings….whilst in our care, we work hard to ensure they grow up in an open environment with lots of room to play indoors  for their healthy development.  They are nutritionally well-fed and loved and get to spread their wings to build their confidence and strength.  During their stay, the kittens are vet checked, dewormed, deflead, desexed and microchipped ready for their new home.

Kittens are generally not vaccinated prior to rehoming.  If they are showing good health throughout their care we feel it is up to the new owners to make an informed choice.

Desexing…Manawatu Alley Cat Trust’s policy is to desex kittens before rehoming. This is done when the kitten has reached at least 1.5kg and is 12 weeks or older.

Pre-Adoption…You will be asked to fill in a PRE-ADOPTION FORM on enquiry, as we like to know a little about the prospective adopters to determine which kittens would be suitable for them, and to ensure they will provide a caring home for the kitten, providing all the necessities to be a responsible pet owner, including, but not limited to, clean shelter, food, water, and veterinary care. Click here for our requirements of an adoptive family.

Adoption…At the time of adoption, an adoption form is filled out. Manawatu Alley Cat Trust will ensure the kittens are up-to-date with worm and flea treatments and any other necessary veterinary needs met.  Kittens are also toilet trained and confident around other cats.

If a new adopter finds the kitten is not suitable for them for any reason, we will take them back into our care.


When adopting from Manawatu Alley Cat Trust you must agree to the following conditions:

  • I accept full and complete responsibility for the care and welfare of this kitten/cat which includes ensuring the health and wellbeing of him/her at all times and seeking veterinary care when needed.
  • FOR ADOPTION OF A DESEXED & MICROCHIPPED CAT.  I agree to pay an Adoption Fee of $80 at the time of adoption, as a contribution toward the cat’s expenses whilst in our care.
  • I agree to the Manawatu Alley Cat Trust checking on the wellbeing of this kitten/cat at their discretion and understand that if on doing so, finds that these conditions are not being met, Manawatu Alley Cat Trust reserves the right to remove the kitten/cat from my care without recourse.

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