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Welcome to the Manawatu Alley Cat Trust adoption process, where we strive to unite our rescued kittens with responsible and caring individuals. Here’s a detailed overview of our comprehensive adoption journey:

Rescue and Rehabilitation:

Stray kittens (and occasionally cats) are rescued, cared for, socialized, and rehomed to responsible people. Our dedicated team ensures that these kittens, often with bedraggled beginnings, grow up in an open environment with ample room for play indoors, fostering their
healthy development. They receive top-notch nutrition, veterinary care, and love to build confidence and strength. Before leaving our care, each kitten undergoes a vet check, is dewormed, deflead, desexed, and microchipped to prepare them for their new homes.


  • Our current adoptees are featured on our Facebook page.
  • Interested adopters are required to fill out a
    Pre-Adoption form providing details about themselves and their preferences.
  • We assess your information to determine the best fit and ensure you are aware of the basic care required for our rescues. We strive to make our adoptions the purr-fect match!

Terms and Conditions of Adoption

When adopting from Manawatu Alley Cat Trust, adopters must agree to the following conditions:

  • Accept full responsibility for the care and welfare of the kitten/cat.
  • Pay an Adoption Fee of $80 at the time of adoption, contributing towards the cat’s expenses during our care.
  • Allow Manawatu Alley Cat Trust to check on the wellbeing of the kitten/cat, with the right to remove it from the adopter’s care if conditions are not met.
  • As we feel we give adoptees full disclosure on the needs of each cat, in the unlikely event of the cat being unsuitable for your family, the decision to refund your adoptee is to the discretion of the trustees.

For adoption queries, please email Raewyn at We appreciate your commitment to providing a loving home for our rescued companions. Thank you for considering adoption from Manawatu Alley Cat Trust!